Your feedback is important. National Grid wants to know what our customers think about the Upstate Upgrade and our work to build a smarter, stronger, cleaner grid. Select the project from the list below to find instructions on how to submit a question or comment.

    For our Black River-Clay project, you may reach us by phone at 844-243-2592 or [email protected].

    For our Black River-Porter project, you may reach us by phone at 800-390-6634 or [email protected].

    For our Colton-Nicholville project, you may reach us by phone at 800-358-2937 or [email protected].

    For our Dunkirk-Laona project, you may reach us by phone at 716-508-2061 or [email protected].

    For our Inghams-Rotterdam project, you may reach us by phone at 877-551-4743 or [email protected].

    For our South Oswego-Lighthouse Hill project, you may reach us by phone at 844-473-6864 or [email protected].

    For our Mortimer-Golah and Southeast Batavia-Golah projects, you may reach us by phone at 833-644-6524 or [email protected].

    National Grid customers with questions about their accounts, energy efficiency programs or bill affordability concerns visit our website or contact our customer service team at 800-642-4272.

    To report an electric outage, call 800-867-5222 or visit our website

    To report a gas emergency, exit the premises IMMEDIATELY and call 911 or National Grid's gas emergency line at 800-892-2345.



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